The 8-Bit Adventure Album


The reason I created the title “The 8-Bit Adventure” cause I wanted to tap into the world of 8-Bit and people back then when people were playing good games, and I mean good games like Super Mario Bros. 1 – 3, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Balloon Fighter, Donkey Kong, etc, etc, etc. I wanted to see how people would react if this game was real and my 8-Bit songs playing in the background. Imagine you playing this game…traveling through obstacles that comes your way, collecting coins, jumping on top of turtles, warping down pipes, completing every level, BEATING BOSSES, RESCUING THE PRINCESS………………yeeeeeea, too much Super Mario Bros. going on here. But in all seriousness, this is mostly the concept of the title “The 8-Bit Adventure”. The characters that I made up on most of the song files are concepts in the making really really soon.

The songs for the album has like 43 tracks. Plus the Ate-Bit Jams I was talking about., they are bonus tracks in the album as well. These songs are inspired by the retro games. From Megaman to Sonic to Mario, Star Fox, Metroid, the whole works man. Some music genres like DNB and all that, plus, I even referenced the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in there as well.

Ate-Bit…now this one is kinda funny, cause after talking to myself (and I do this a little too often it’s becoming a habit) saying 8-bit 8-bit 8-bit, I sit still on the chair for a moment, and i’m like “OOOOOOOOH, ATE-BIIIIIT!!!”. And that’s how I came up with that name. This,  “Ate-Bit” character, is like a cool-pimp-not 8-bit monster. It’s my character behind the Ate-Bit Jams. I might make him my mascot lol, but that would never happen…or will it.

Soooooo, as you listen to my 8-Bit album, enjoy it as much as you can. This is a very special gift just for you fans out there that has supported me over the last 4 (going into 5) years.


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