Street Fighter Remixes

This was the ticket that got myself into Video Game Remixing: Street Fighter. I owned Street Fighter II: Turbo ever since I was a kid and have played it non-stop for Super Nintendo, until one day it was traded in for Yoshi’s Cookie, which I have to admit, its a fun game, but I love my fighting games.

When I was 17 around December 16 2007, I started things off by doing Street Fighter III: Third Strike [Chopped and Screwed] Remixes on Adobe Premier Pro. Hard to believe, all that hard work on a “Movie Editing Software”, It got me a bunch of subscribers and I gained my reputation off it, and I was working like a machine on these remixes at a young age. Unfortunately, life slows you down.

After the Chopped and Screwed Remixes of SFIII: 3rd Strike, I went onto making Street Fighter 4 Concepts with a few producers and great friends of mine on YouTube, then it led onto composing remixes for the Street Fighter 20th Anniversary Tribute where new producers came along the remixing scene in 2009 at the time. We even got Seth Killian (Ex-Senior Manager of Capcom) blogging about our concepts.

Few years later to this year, 2012, word around the web was Capcom hosting a Music Tribute and a Art Tribute for the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter. As usual, myself and my producer friends got on the scene and went to work. I was planning to make as much remixes as I can and get them on the Music Tribute but ended up making two and uploading them on YouTube. One of my songs from the two that I entered, got picked for the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Music Tribute by the SF25th Team, and today its on the Street Fighter Fan Made Mix CD!

What is happening now? Well, I will be continuing my Street Fighter remixes along the road. Maybe not now but who knows what will happen…


2 responses to “Street Fighter Remixes

  1. I’m extremely disappointed… I remember I had you Third Strike megamix on my old PC and since that crashed I lost it all… Maxie I wish, I hope and pray you bless us once more. Much love from Toronto, fam.

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