Mario Series Remixes

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was my very first game console I ever owned, and along with that came “Super Mario World”, in my opinion, the best game ever made. Got them both when I was only three years old. I still have them to this day and play it every now and then.

Honestly, I would have to say thank God for Video Game Designer & Producer “Shigeru Miyamoto” for coming up with amazing ideas and the Nintendo team for making such great titles, cause without titles such as Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart Series, Super Smash Bros. Series, and even Mario Party 1 – 3, There wouldn’t be anything memorable about nintendo, period.

As much as Mario is the mascot (the face) of Nintendo, I’m more of a Luigi fan, thus background being all green, and I currently main him on Super Smash Bros. Melee (SSBM).

Also, as much as I love Street Fighter and Sonic, I feel both of the franchises have been remixed too much and YouTube has been oversaturated with all of them, especially those two. Nintendo will always be the company that I truly love to the fullest to staying true to their work and their creative ideas to make Mario games playable and fun for all ages.


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