DJ Max-E Presents: Space Grooves


This album, actually, was made while I was attending my second year of college, and I was completely broke so I didn’t have any money to support myself and commute back and forth to school and back home.

Before this album even came to existence, I was trying to revive my dead flash animation project called, “Sonic Riders: Unlimited”, and I had songs made to go along with it such as, “I Am Unlimited”, “Just Another Day”, “Love & Hate game” etc. etc. Story written, sprites made, animation for sprites, everything, then when lack of money came around, I was in stress mode and had to stop the project because of it and due to lack of interest, once again. So using most of the pre-made tracks that I have done for Sonic Riders: Unlimited, I created, “Space Grooves”.

The album is avavilabe on Bandcamp for $11 and contains 11 tracks. Eh? What could be more better than that? If you feel like you need to chill to some music and want to take flight in your mind, go on ahead and buy the album! You won’t be disappointed!


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