Darkstalkers IV: Remixes & Concepts


I actually started this project in Mid-February when I heard Ono, Video Game Design & Producer of Capcom, teased a clip stating: “Darkstalkers Is Not Dead”. Today, Darkstalkers is actually not dead. Sources say that Darkstalkers IV will be made using the Street Fighter x Tekken Engine. So I will be expecting that game to rise real soon.

As far as the concepts and the remixes are concerned, time will be invested for each character to make their themes sound as they should be. I held a vote around the same Mid-February for which character(s) should have a concept or a remix.

Once this project is complete and ready to go, I will be showcasing the “Darkstalkers IV” Project on Shoryuken and Capcom-Unity — hoping it gets somewhere and some notice.

Aside from this project, I’m a fan of Q-Bee, Sasquatch, Felicia and Lilith from Darkstalkers 3 / Vampire Savior.


One response to “Darkstalkers IV: Remixes & Concepts

  1. Hey dj max-e Im steve Ive been a fan of your music since…well i first found your music on youtube. loved your remixes with street fighter and sonic and street fighter 3 and donkey kong. one of my favorite tracks from you would have to be….your jazzy nyc 99 remixes. you really know how to get the beat goin man. its so impressive i have to listen to your tracks everywhere i go yo. so im at your site and i see this darkstalkers project that it says that your working on or might work on and i’m really hoping you work on it. maybe even a lil morrigans theme from marvel vs capcom you know like the first one or somethin like that cause shes dying for a remix from you man hehehe. so heres to you gettin it on the map i really hope you can do it cause your music in my opinion is way better than what all these other dudes put out and way better than mainstream stuff out now. so please please work on it. i cant wait to take a listen to what you got up next. keep me posted yeah?


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