Hello there. My name is Michael Staple which goes by the alias, DJ Max-E, on YouTube, and I am a Composer, Producer, Pianist, and I love to remix video game music. I grew up in a family of music, so music has been known to me all my life and I can say that a lot of things came around for me, naturally. I started picking up piano when I was eight years old, started producing music at thirteen, and around 2009 was when I first started getting involved in Music Composition for a Sonic CD Hack game entitled, “Sonic CD: South American Version”.

I live in Brampton, Ontario, I have a busy life just like anybody else, and as much as I do have a busy life, I never stop to forget all of the fans that have supported me throughout the years as DJ Max-E on YouTube, and just entertaining them throughout my career.

As a Music Composer, my work is greatly inspired by video game music from the late 80s to early 2000s, and I would love to bring something nostalgic to the table – something that people will remember and cherish for years to come. As a Music Producer, it applies the same way; I love the old school era, and most of my work is really reflected upon that. Of course, I would love to bring in the new school and mix it up with some old school since music and sound is constantly changing and a new generation of gamers and non-gamers alike are popping around the video game scene.

I do collaborations, work, and volunteering. So if you are looking for a Music Composer for Video Games, please don’t hesitate to contact me through email below, or look on the right side of the screen and you’ll see my Twitter, Fan Page, YouTube, and whatnot. Enjoy your stay.

Email: dj.maxe.productions@gmail.com



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